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I’m Amanda Blaine, and like you, I’m a co-founder. I left a community I loved and moved across the US because I had so much passion to start an organization that would do things differently. My co-founders and I had all done a lot of personal development, and our organization was going to walk its talk. I put tremendous effort into applying what I had learned in my personal journey, eager to see our organization take off. But it didn’t.
Amanda Blaine

Even with great mentors in interpersonal communication and self-development, I made a million mistakes and experienced several painful and spectacular failures.

I realized that the tools for how we grow ourselves and how we grow our organizations are not the same.

So I became a partner at a firm that implemented cutting edge organizational tools drawn from Holacracy and other systems. I got lots of reps helping other businesses, non-profits, and collaboratives who were facing the challenges of collaborating more effectively and efficiently.

My passion arises out of seeing a pattern of clients who had transformed their personal lives but could not get it to stick at work.

As a business owner or manager, you need someone who knows how to honor the company you’ve built AND how to honor the individual growth you’ve experienced. The coaches and teachers I encountered either understood how to support an individual learning journey OR they knew about organizational systems. What was missing was integrating the two.

If you’re just doing organizational systems change, the people don’t have the context they need to make such big changes. It works for a while, until there’s a bump in the road, and things go back to business as usual. If people are bringing their personal development tools to the organizational level, it feels great at first, but eventually most people tire of spending too much time processing relational issues.

My focus is on addressing the real-life challenges and growth points you face as you integrate what you’ve learned into how you run your company. I have a wide range of tools to do that, ranging from practical and organizational skills to deep ancestral healing tools. We might use several in one session, or we might focus on just one, so that you leave energized and clear about what your next step is. To start, check out my free guide below.

Let me give you a taste of what’s possible.

Let me give you a taste
of what’s possible.

Is Your Business Partner Driving You Crazy?

3 Tips to Try Now

(which can also apply to anyone you work with)

Not sure if this is the right place for you?
Check out if any of these situations sound familiar.

Not sure if this is the
right place for you?
Check out if any of these situations sound familiar.
“Implementing the tools that I learned in Amanda’s class was much more transformative than many years of therapy.”
Gretchen M.