Do any of these situations sound familiar?

For Founders, Owners, and Managers

Do any of these scenarios resonate?

I primarily work with:

If you’re one of those, and one or more of these scenarios sounds familiar,
chances are my approach will work for you if you also carry these values:

Let me give you a taste of what’s possible.

Let me give you a taste
of what’s possible.

Is Your Business Partner Driving You Crazy?

3 Tips to Try Now

(which can also apply to anyone you work with)

“Amanda embodies compassion and non-anxious presence, which, when you learn to trust it, you can start to claim towards yourself, and then towards others. Our work has opened me up to my emotions – the dark scary ones and outrageous gratitude. This is how I want to live – open to myself, with compassion for the scary parts and the scared parts, and open to others.”
A. Ro