Here’s the most overlooked (and easiest) path to the change you want

Do you want to make some changes in your work but you don’t know how? Maybe you want to advocate for more effective distribution of power in your workplace, or you want to change the way you meet with your clients to include more creativity. Or maybe there’s just a vague feeling of dissatisfaction or […]

Thinking of quitting?

“I want to leave my job to do something more meaningful, but I’m scared to make the change.” Are you feeling drawn to some big life change too? For many of my coaching clients, the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement have brought into focus what matters most. But contemplating a big change can […]

Has a text message ever ruined your day?

Have you ever been at work and received a text from a friend or partner that derailed you for the rest of your work day? Chances are, it’s not a huge conflict. Maybe you’re just feeling a little disconnected – from your partner, or your mom, or your housemate – and you find yourself worrying […]

You don’t have to know what you want (not in the way you think you do)

For many of my clients and students, they get stuck not with HOW to move forward, but with knowing WHAT THEY WANT in the first place. Think of knowing what you want as an exercise practice, like going for a jog or taking a yoga class. You don’t have to nail everything perfectly, and you […]

3 Practices for More Effective Collaboration

Hi friend, We had such a positive response to Duet’s free webinar, 3 simple practices to work faster and more effectively with your team (without compromising on Compassionate Communication), that we’re doing it again next week. Here’s what Tara, Instructional Designer at University of New England, said: “Thank you for leading this webinar! I liked […]

You want it, but…

Creating the world we want, means… well… noticing what we want, and letting ourselves create our lives with it. It’s an act of activism. It means organizing our lives around what we want, rather than around what already exists, or what we think others want for us, or what we think is possible. It means […]

Do you kinda wish the holiday were on, and kinda glad it’s not?

What’s your pandemic Thanksgiving dilemma? Maybe you’re deciding what smaller version of a holiday you’ll have, or whether you’ll move some things onto Zoom, or do something else completely. Maybe you already felt torn about this holiday anyway and this year actually resolves an earlier dilemma. Whatever your particular version is, there are still family […]

Should I protest tonight?

“I really want to be out in the streets but I also need to care for my family.” Are you feeling that tension too? I’ve heard that from many of the white people I work with recently. It can take courage to even NAME that tension, especially if you’re someone who’s cared about and been […]

Lonely? Try this.

Who are you missing? Who do you wish you could wrap your arms around and share laughter and food with? In my case, I was going to celebrate Passover with my parents for the first time in years. It can be confusing to feel so much loss and longing when you’re also present to all […]

Conflict about quarantine? Three tips for quarantine conversations

Maybe you’re in self-quarantine with a roommate who seems more relaxed about social distancing than you are. Or your sister is helping you with your kids while they’re at home, but you’re not trusting that she’s as vigilant as you’d like when she’s not at your house. Or you’re negotiating quarantine with a partner you […]